Admirable Spa Bathroom Decor Ideas For Relaxation

Admirable Spa Bathroom Decor Ideas For Relaxation 02

Who wouldn’t love their very own spa bathroom in their home? Although a spa bathroom can be a great addition to a home, it can also be a very expensive one as well. Although completely renovating your bathroom to resemble the local spa will cost you, there are some affordable tricks that you can do for your bathroom to make your own spa on a budget.

Install the Right Lighting Lighting plays a major role when it comes to the bathroom. Adequate lighting is needed for such things as putting on makeup or brushing and flossing your teeth, but if you are trying to make a spa, you don’t want too bright lighting disturbing you.

The fix for this is to install a dimmer switch for your bathroom lighting. This way when you are doing everyday tasks like putting on makeup, you can have full light and when you are relaxing in the tub, you can have dimmed lighting to set the mood.

You are not going to be able to relax in your spa bathroom if the place is a mess and nothing is organized. Make sure that you have a spot for everything in the bathroom. Add baskets and bins to the shelves and cabinets to keep things organized. If you want to dress the place up a bit, wicker baskets and added painted shelves not only add organization but also some style as well.

For a spa bathroom, your best options for colors, especially the main wall colors are neutrals or soft pastels. You don’t want anything too loud or vibrant like red or bright yellow for the walls and décor. You want that peaceful feeling, which comes from lighter colors and neutrals. You don’t have to keep the décor boring though, as you can add splashes of color with towels, candles, flowers, and other décor items. Paint is very inexpensive and simply painting over a dark or vibrant color with a neutral or pastel can easily change the whole look and feel of the room.

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