30 Stunning Modern Apartment Bedroom Design Ideas

Stunning Modern Apartment Bedroom Design Ideas 30

When you see newspaper and magazine pictures of wonderfully elegant bedrooms, you may wish to have the same style in your home too. However, your bedroom maybe too small to have walk-in closets, huge windows overlooking a garden and big canopy beds. Yet the key to achieving a stylish look in your own small bedroom is to think around the space constraints and be innovative. Now, you can have a clutter free, cool looking bedroom by using beds.

A meticulous person would want everything to have a specific storage place and storage beds help you achieve that. Most people with kids and an apartment are always running short of space to store stuff. Apartments come with box rooms for storage but they do not have cellars or lofts where extra stuff can be stored. This is where the need to optimize space occurs. With this in mind, furniture designers started innovating with platform beds – originally used on ships – to suit landlubbers too.

If you have a huge bedroom, you can have low level platform beds that do not require storage space under them. However, most people when shopping for platform beds will ask for ones that have a storage space under it. They can go in for ones that come with attached drawers, drawers on wheels that can be rolled in and out or just get a high bed that allows you to keep suitcases or boxes under them. Some platform beds even come with the facility of having a box like device inside the frame. The bed will have to be lifted and the storage space accessed.

To be really organized, it is best to get similar types of storage beds for all bedrooms and to keep a short, easy to access list of what is inside each of them. This way, when winter comes, you will not be hunting high and low for the sweater or overcoat you stored and not know which bed it is under. The storage drawers will be usually made from the same material as the bed frame. Of the different types of contemporary beds, storage beds are the most popular.

The number of drawers under a bed can vary from one to twelve. This could depend again on the size of both the drawer and the bed frame. Platform beds can be customized to include:
• Footboard
• Headboard
• Solid posters
• Storage space
• Low Japanese style

Posters can turn the platform bed into a canopy bed. Headboards on platform beds are more common than footboards and can have mirrors or even extra space to act like a night stand. Storage beds are – as already seen – the most common style and use of beds. The low Japanese style beds have gentle swooping lines and are common in Asian homes. In Asia, feng shui dictates that storage space under the bed is not good for the home and hence most beds here may not have the extra storage space like Western ones do.

The type of platform or any other bed you select will depend a great deal on the theme of your bedroom. Selecting a home décor theme is dependent on individual tastes and preferences. Those who have no idea on how to go about decorating their bedrooms can get ideas online and from magazines. Some common adult bedroom themes are country cottage, retro or modern. For children’s rooms, popular themes could be sports, cartoon characters, animals and such. Teenagers will usually go for dark, dramatic colors or themes of their favorite music group or movie star.

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