33 Lovely Garden Water Fountains Design Ideas

Lovely Garden Water Fountains Design Ideas 34

Many people are enjoying the features in which their garden water fountains provide them. If you have not yet discovered the advantages you can obtain from water fountains, better read on. Apart from enhancing your garden as accents or decors, these fountains have other features that make them popular to many people. These include the following:

Can attract wildlife or birds to your garden – this improves the eco system and provides a better feel of nature since apart from plants and flowers; you also have animals in your garden. Serves as a backdrop for your garden – this provides serenity and calmness as these water fountains create the sounds of flowing water while enhancing the look of your garden. The sounds these water fountains create masks the noise from outside your home such as children playing loudly or the road traffic.

Available in various types and designs – this feature of garden fountains allow you to choose the best one that will suit your garden. Some fountains can be installed in walls while some are stand alones. Wall mounted fountains are ideal if you want to save space while adding a relaxing feature to your outside setting. If you have extra space, you may want to opt for stand alone fountains, which are larger compared to wall mounted fountains. Stand alone fountains usually have unique designs including animals, the sun, angels, and fishes among others. Some fountains are Zen-inspired, usually having a smiling Buddha to complement Zen gardens.

If you are planning on rejuvenating your garden and are looking for a cost effective solution to adding a water feature into your outside space then a garden water fountain really makes sense. There are so many positive reasons to adding one and by doing so you will be ensuring your garden has a soothing and calming influence and you get a stunning decorative feature as well. A modern, contemporary and stylish finish are just some of the words which can be used to describe the difference a garden water fountain could make to your homes patio, decking or garden space.

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