33 Pretty Baby Nursery Ideas You Must Have

Pretty Baby Nursery Ideas You Must Have 25

Forget the same old popular cartoon character designs. These days, nurseries are getting a makeover. Sure, teddy bears and ducklings still look adorable. But with so, many baby nursery ideas out there, you don’t have to restrict yourself on what’s common. From paint colors, baby room furniture, to beddings, the list of items you can get for your baby’s room are endless.

There’s nothing more boring than staring to a blank wall, even for a baby. While the softness of pastel hues is appealing to the senses, take note that there are other pretty colors out there that will make your baby’s nursery come to life. The idea with the use of colors is that you have to use them strategically. Paint one wall in bright green or orange as an accent only, not as an overall look. You can even try brown and pink.

Unusual but good color combinations will make the wall pop out, making it an interesting subject for your baby to inspect. You can even add wall decals or stickers to give the room a more personalized feel to it.

There’s no doubt that a nursery is a place where a baby sleeps. But keep in mind too that you’ll be spending plenty of time in it changing diapers, nursing your baby or putting him to sleep. Thus, it is only fitting that you get nursery furniture that address both of your needs. The crib, changing table, drawers and closets are permanent fixtures in the nursery. Add themed items such as curtains, rug and throw pillows to give the room more character. A glider and an ottoman are great additions too.

You need your baby’s nursery to be well-lit, so it’s only appropriate for you to get lighting fixtures for your baby’s room. Think of lamps, spotlights, and rope lights to keep the brightness in the room or to make it diffused when it’s time for your baby to sleep.

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