34 Amazing Screened Porch Decorating Ideas

Amazing Screened Porch Decorating Ideas 20

If you have a screened in porch or an all season room, chances are that is where you spend most of your time, relaxing and watching nature or the neighbors depending on your setting. Although it is probably very bright and airy, it may need some decorating. You will want to keep it comfortable and inviting but still give it a little change. If it is an open porch that has window screen all the way around or an all season’s room with ceiling to floor windows, this is a good place to have lots of greenery and plants. You can make this your forest hide-way with tropical rain forest decor. An all season room is used year round and so tropical plants will probably do well in this room because of the heat from the windows and the beaming sun. You could even choose to make it a cactus haven, but watch out for little kids, as some of the cactus needles can be poisonous.

Hanging baskets with flowing green ivy or flowering plants can be hung in front of each window. You can get metal arms that are colored or even have designs and attach them above the windows. If you are using flowing green ivy to decorate, you can buy little gold ornamental hooks and place either down between the windows if there is window trim, or above other windows and loop the runners down through the area. This will give you lots of green and will add a beautiful touch to the room. Wicker and or Bamboo furniture with the great big cushions can usually be found at Wal-Mart Super centers or places like Lowe’s or Home Depot. These make great little additions to an open sun room or screened in porch and for the screened in porch they are usually okay out in the weather.

To add a little extra touch of comfort for the screened in porch, look for a rug either long or rectangular or two smaller square ones and place on the porch. Even if the porch has a solid floor, it will get chilly at night in the spring and fall and cold in the winter. This will help keep the chill away and they come in all colors these days. Find one that matches your motif in the room or on the porch. Although you wouldn’t need light during the day time, at night you might want to sit and read and watch nature, small lamps on end tables or floor lamps standing at the back of a sofa or a chaise would go well.

For the sun room and the all season’s porch, you might consider placing a small fountain in a corner or if the room is big enough, maybe in the center against the wall and then have a table and chairs where you can sit and listen to the water. It is a very relaxing sound just to listen to the water trickle down. Most fountains can be bought in packages in various sizes and shapes. There are some very simple where it just trickles through a couple of levels or you can get elaborate and get an ornamental fountain with several levels and even a pond at the bottom that might sustain some aquarium type fish. Again, these are just some tips for an indoor or outdoor porch area that is closed in and used either all year round or if you live in the south at least 9 months out of the year.

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