31 Lovely Spring Kitchen Decor Ideas That You Definitely Like

Lovely Spring Kitchen Decor Ideas That You Definitely Like 31

Maybe it’s too soon to renovate, but you feel like your kitchen area is looking a bit tired. You’re not into the idea of re-painting the whole room or installing new cabinets, but you wouldn’t mind taking on a few weekend projects to spruce things up. We’ve got several ideas for you! The great thing about the kitchen is that small changes go a long way in making the space look updated. So when you’ve got a bit of free time, try these!

An interior design trend as of late is to have your cabinet doors be a different color from the cabinet housing. It doesn’t take much time to remove the doors, strip and repaint them a new color, and then put them back on. You could even get new knobs to further freshen up the look – something fun and modern for an inexpensive touch.

A new-looking faucet can make it look like you got a whole new sink! It sounds a bit strange, but the selection of faucets on the market is getting very innovative. For example, there are some that you can simply tap with your hand to turn the water on, and others that, rather than having a separate hose, have a retractable hose connected to the head of the faucet so you can easily add length in the middle of washing dishes.

Have you ever considered that maybe the curtains in your kitchen are a bit dated? This is an aspect of home d├ęcor that all-too-frequently goes overlooked. By installing some fabric blinds or even a fresh-looking pair of interior shutters, you can not only complement and update the atmosphere of the room, but let in more natural light. Some bright sunlight makes for a fresh, clean-looking kitchen in a heartbeat.

Take your bland old table setting up a notch by incorporating some new, bright placemats and a fresh floral arrangement in a statement vase. Fresh-cut flowers and a pop of color can do wonders for the atmosphere of a room, especially in the spring and summertime. Everyone knows what it’s like to feel as though their home’s atmosphere has gotten a little drab and is in need of a change, but we don’t always have the funds to renovate or make any major changes. These small fixes are impactful enough that you’ll feel like you did, but will help you stick to your tight budget!

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